Store will be on Fulbright hiatus beginning in August, but meantime, more to come

Here's the story of the Studio Store generally: what started as a way to distribute a holiday card produced from a favorite end-of-season tomatoes picture has continued to be a handy way to share favorite pictures that haven't really been out in the world before and are not part of any pre-existing set of editioned prints.

As I organize my studio and its flat files as part of a temporary conversion of the studio to a giant darkroom for working with recent 5x7 and 8x10 black and white negatives, I'm doing this: if I find a print in the flat files that I really like and am a little hesitant to give up, then I know it's store-worthy.* 

They don't appear here on the Studio Store, but I also have editioned work available that has been in previous shows.  Editions are typically editions of 6 for mounted or metal 40x50"prints, editions of 12 for mounted or metal 30x40" and 24x30" prints, and editions of 15 for mounted or metal 20x24" or loose 16x20" prints.  A representative sampling of editioned work from a show is available at this link.

*A note about the prints: Often when examined obliquely, photo prints don't have a pristine surface, but it isn't noticeable upon regular viewing.  Metal prints can be displayed on an easel and don't need to be framed. The other prints can be matted and framed.  Metallic paper prints and darker night prints especially benefit from a small picture light on them, especially once they're behind glass.  Picture lights can be surprisingly difficult to find, and in the past I've gotten mine when I was out of town, but I'm happy to help source them.  "Vintage" is a term used to refer to prints made generally around the time the negative was made. In this case it additionally means "a good while back," as here it mostly describes my hand-printed darkroom prints from back in the day when I had access to a wet color darkroom. 

You can send an email to to join my regular mailing list to be apprised of upcoming exhibits and/or to get alerts when new items are posted here on the Studio Store. You can also just fill out the "Contact" page to hop on to either or both lists.  Twitter and Instagram links are on the main page.  More than you ever wanted to know is available at the mothership,

Thanks for joining me on this journey!