Backyard Wreath

  • Backyard Wreath
  • Backyard Wreath

12x18 inch metallic paper C- print (wet color chemistry process). General information about the prints is also available at the About link.

I tortured myself with the printing of this image right up until the last minute before a big show, at which point I punted and didn't include it. Seeing this small proof again, which is pretty much exactly how I would want to render it big, makes me think I need to revisit this negative again, this time when I'm not trying to get multiple other prints ready to go as well.

The scene itself is one of many of a particular era when I was shooting my backyard at liminal times of day. Here, I've suspended a wreath in my dark-to-the-naked-eye backyard. Over the course of the long exposure, the faint final light of day eventually lights up the upper right hand corner as though it were day and provides enough illumination over time to light up the reflective wreath and the lightest parts of the backyard.