Beth Ann and Nancy in Maine

  • Beth Ann and Nancy in Maine

5" x 7" Metal print test / The image is rendered directly onto a prepared metal surface, giving it an almost liquid appearance. It's not for every image, but it sure is right for this one. Like all photographs, it should be displayed out of direct sunlight. And if you have a tiny incandescent or LED light on it, it glows. Small enough to display on an easel but can also be framed. Slight surface marks on upper left corner when viewed obliquely.

The story: proving once again that photographers aren’t that much fun to have around, I was able to make this image because I had dropped back to look for photographic possibilities while my girlfriend and my best friend soldiered on with finding a spot for our planned picnic on the rocks of the Maine coastline. I remember its being foggy that day, but I was still surprised when the film came back to see how otherworldly the fog made the scene.