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Night Horses II

  • Night Horses II
  • Night Horses II

"This is close in color." Another happy printing moment, apparently. This was a guide print I made for some kind, long-suffering soul who was making a scan of the negative for me. It's always fun for me to see these notes after many years, and it's definitely a window into the artistic process. It also means that the image is on big enough paper that when it's matted, it will lie nice and flat!

All these years later, I still really like this rendition of the image. I made it in the Texas Panhandle in frigid weather during a shooting trip from North Carolina out to Monument Valley that was supported by the UNC Chapel Hill Graduate Student Opportunity Fund in January 2007. The long exposure accounts for their ghostly appearance and the deep blue of the sky.

8.5 x 11 inch pigment ink print from around the time of the image / some surface scratching visible when held at an oblique angle but not when viewed normally